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coming up on July 16, 2022  9AM -12 noon

The Habits of Happiness


This is the first time I will be sharing this information live!

With all that is going on the world right now, does it seem selfish or trivial to focus on one's own happiness?  I think it's the exact opposite.  The world is always going to be in turmoil.  At least as far into the future as I can see.  We can't wait for the world to be perfect before we strive for our own happiness.  There is not a 'later'.

And, most importantly, your happiness can be a stabilizing and uplifting influence on those around you.  And that in turn can affect hundreds or thousands of other people.  You have more reach than you know.  In a world seemingly going down for the count, there are millions of people around the world living and spreading love and happiness to counterbalance this.

You can be part of this movement.  You can start by developing the Habits of Happiness for yourself!


One definition of happiness I like is from Socrates: 

Eudaimonia:  Human flourishing; happiness is the joy we feel moving toward our potential  

Happiness is not one thing, or of one kind, it comes in several categories and follows from different actions.

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In this workshop we'll cover three foundations of the Habits of Happiness:



Tapping makes everything easier! Once you learn how to tap then everything and anything that might arise to disrupt your 'flow' can be addressed.  You can use this going forward to dispel stress that arises from daily life.  Most usefully, you can use tapping to disperse the stress you are carrying around from the past;  overwhelming events from days, weeks, years and decades ago.  Limiting beliefs you were taught, and even vows you took; we all have have 'stuff', and some of it is familial or cultural.  It's a big soup in your subconscious, and Tapping is the tool we've looking for to strain out the toxic bits.


Getting in the Body

Did you know you spend most of your time out of your body?  Not in some fun psychedelic way unfortunately.  When we are ruminating, remembering past events, or even planning for the future we are in our "minds." Now you might think your mind is in your body, but it's actually a field around your body.  A basic skill you will learn is how to tell when you are not in your body and learn a few ways  to immediately bring your self home.  And we'll learn  techniques for grounding your presence in your body and increasing your sense of worth and presence. Because happy is in the body.


Drawing On the Resources You Already Have

You know this: you have the capacity to be happy.  So why aren't you more often?  It's a brain thing.  We're hard wired to focus on danger and negativity so it takes an act of will to shift your focus.  That's where the 'habits' part comes in.  We'll learn some techniques to shift your body chemistry in moments, and develop the habit of choosing happiness!


You'll leave with several tools that could change your life for the better, and increase your happiness. (If you use them!)

This will be an active workshop, be prepared to participate and bring a hand held mirror if you have one.


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