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Do you find that you......

  • are tired all the time
  • are easily overwhelmed
  • just can't turn your mind off
  • have trouble sleeping
  • have little energy
  • can't believe your life or health can ever get better
  • you've tried everything but nothing works long term

Do you experience some of the following:

  • muscle aches and tension
  • digestive troubles
  • frequent colds or infections
  • trouble sleeping
  • discomfort in your head or eyes
  • a lack of vitality and joy
  • belly discomfort

May I  help you with that?

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In this free report

      Stress can cause all this and more. In this report  I'll show you how you can begin the journey to less stress and more health and happiness, right away.  Included in this report is one technique that may reduce your stress level in minutes. By  employing this one action regularly you will have a tool that is discreet, portable and effective to reduce your stress.  And, with less stress your body may produce more 'feel good hormones' which could help you hurt much, much less, and achieve much more.

So that you may ….......

  • Have a lot less or even no discomfort
  • Have the energy to go to a movie or dinner with friends
  • get your happy back
  • Get your confidence back about your health.
  • Regain your freedom and live your life as you choose
  • Clear your thinking
  • stop the hamster wheel of frantic thoughts

Stress. We talk about it all the time but what is it?

Let's define it:

Stress is: a state of biological and psychological tension arising in response to problems in your life that cause strong feelings of worry and anxiety that overwhelm your resources to cope with them; physical force or pressure, either external or internal.

Defined by the originator of the term 'stress,'  it is the 'non-specific response of the body to any 'demand for change.'

The list of symptoms of stress is long.  There are many commonalities, but each person can have their own constellation of issues that make their pattern of stress unique to them.

Chronic stress is debilitating.  Unabated it can be a causative factor in most of the major chronic diseases that plague people.  The researcher Hans Selys in 1936  (he who coined the word and defined stress)  saw that in his experiments with mice that stress was a cause of  some of the common human ailments like heart disease, obesity, arthritis, and diabetes.

Stress causes a rise in cortisol.  Cortisol raises inflammation in the body.  Inflammation in the body causes wide spread dis-ease if  experienced for long periods.


I have to say that I was very interested in Penny's EFT coaching. She is such a loving person and had lots of information to help pull me out of my emotional roller coaster. With her knowledge and support I had exactly what I needed to turn my anxious thoughts into a better direction. After just one session I released thoughts and feelings that would have plagued me for hours, so much so I don't even remember what they were - I had tapped them away! I am excited and convinced that tapping is my way out of my negative and depressing thoughts. I'm feeling so much better and confident. I am loving this and I thank Penny with all my heart."   J.H., retired professional  "


In this free report

  • I'll show you how your brain could be working to keep your hurts and fears locked into place, and how the stress of discomfort, both physical and emotional, causes more hurting!
  • I'll explain how hidden, subconscious beliefs may be working to keep you stuck, even though you may be doing everything right.
  • how the 'programming' you are unaware of can keep you in the status quo, even though you 'consciously' want to change.
  • and why it can be so hard to maintain your progress and keep going even if you've had some success in the past.


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Disclaimer: If you have not done so, please click here to see the full disclaimer page.   EFT is an evidence based technique.   Although it is still considered theoretical, millions of people have used EFT and most  find EFT safe and  useful in  dealing with discomfort, both physical and emotional, as well as many other issues. Not every one should use EFT without with a trained practitioner. You should consult your own doctor or psychologist for guidance before undertaking any new modality.  I am not a medical expert  nor should my services in any way be construed to represent medical expertise.  Thank you!




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