The Habits of Happiness

Imagine YOU... Happier

Imagine you healthier. Bringing more vitality and bounce to all areas of your life. Better rested, fitter, sparkling. 

Imagine you more creative. Bringing solutions to work problems, getting better results for clients, helping your kids flourish with innovative solutions to their growth and learning. Finding better ways to manage conflict, even with your loved ones.  Just being less bothered with life's annoyances.


Imagine you sailing through tests. Speaking up at work more, standing in your    space with confidence and knowing your worth, and showing it.


Imagine you at ease with people. Sales come more naturally to you. You radiate a calm, helpful, even loving presence that allows people to be at ease around you.

You genuinely care for them and they can feel that and trust you.


Imagine that you could gain all these benefits and more by

                       cultivating your own happiness!                                


                                         Why Happiness?

                 Happiness is a powerful  'Engine of Change'!

                                                                 And it feels good too!


                                                                 If life has knocked you around a bit, and honestly that's all of us...

               if you feel like you're not quite who you were before

the divorce or

death of a spouse or parent,

the life altering diagnosis

the car accident

the abusive relationship

the job loss

or, you know, 2020, and 2021, and 2022

Or maybe you've just fallen into the ennui trap of: this isn't so bad, I can deal with it






                                            And,  you are ready to reclaim your life from the burdens these experiences may have left you with,

                                           such as chronic health issues or

a belief that:

I'm not good enough

I'm not strong enough, or

smart enough

I'll never be well

I'll never get over this

no one wants to be around me

Who could love me

I don't know who I am now




Then, Happiness may be

the Engine of Change you're looking for!




Maybe you've gone through a sudden life altering shock - maybe a big diagnosis, or a sudden accident or loss, that requires all your attention to deal with and heal from. And the year 2020 was that for almost everyone. If you have - you know for awhile  it was it was "all hands on deck" to save your life, or salvage what you could.  You may have had to redefine your whole life, and maybe create a new identity for yourself while you dealt with one of the most painful parts of your life, perhaps alone, while still trying to keep the rest of your life afloat.


Now, here you are. You can finally take a breath.  And it's time to deal with the aftermath.  You know it's time because you're ready to move on, but you can't seem to make any headway, or figure out how, or even what the future , or future you, looks like.


Sometimes it's not the  big stuff that gets us down, locks us into just 'getting by."  It might be a long accumulation of small defeats, and a belief that "this is just who I am and what I can expect."


Over time there's been a lot of stuff, a lot of emotions that you didn't have the time, strength or extra mental capacity to deal with.  And all of those emotions, that stuff,  got shoved aside for later.

And now it's later And all those emotions, all that stuck, buried energy has yet to be dealt with.

(You can hear my story of losing my life and health and my journey back, here: Why I Get It - My long Health Recovery Journey 



All that stress  now joins up with all the other regular life  stress you already had buried in your nervous system,  and that can really keep you from regaining your sense of self;  and moving forward powerfully to create a new life, better health, focus, clarity, and vision for your future. 


Happiness is not the end goal, it is the path.

It is the power to lift you up and propel you forward!



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One definition of happiness I like is from Socrates:


Eudaimonia:  Human flourishing; happiness is the joy we feel moving toward our potential



Happiness is not one thing, or of one kind, it comes in several categories and follows from different actions.


In the Habits of Happiness

we'll cover the techniques and habits you will develop

to expand the 3 categories of happiness and use the resources you already have

such as  memories of a wonderful experience,

or successes you've already achieved.

You have untapped resources inside of you,

as well as some stuff that's ready to be released.


The 3 categories of happiness are: Happiness from experiences, Happiness from growth and Happiness from meaning


In the  Habits of Happiness 1

we'll learn and grow in these ways:


We'll find the body and get in itYou might be surprised to learn how much time your awareness is not in your body, but rather in  the "mind field" where all sorts of negativity is ruminated on, churning out stress that drags down your energy and negatively affects your health and your success. First we have to feel the body to clear the subconscious of all those; "I'm not good enough," and teach your brain better habits.


We'll clear old patterns and stress that weren't  completely dealt with. (Did you know you have 3 brains?  Well, actually 4, counting the one in your heart, and that you need to use them all  to process your emotional energy?)  

We've all "got stuff."   But we don't need to carry around the emotional baggage of decades. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  we'll clear out the junk, and re pattern the brain for success)


We'll  develop the habit of not accumulating more stress; to break the habit of "dealing with it later"  Because you know, later never really arrives.


We'll stuff your tool box with proven techniques to access heightened levels of happiness, and ways to access that state of emotional  awareness  whenever you need it.  When feeling happy becomes a habit, it also becomes easier to access that feeling when you need it the most: when you are confronted with stress.






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"But, I have real problems, and being happy seems like something that will come after I've solved them!"

So goes the common thinking.  But this is actually backwards. To understand this let's talk about brains for a minute. Our brain's main job, according to it, is to keep us alive.  Not happy, not successful, not any of those other things that we may be striving for.  Just ALIVE.  And if you are still alive, no matter if you are thriving or  just hanging on, whether your life is a picnic or a rat race, your brain has done it's job.  And it sees no reason to change.

This is why change is hard.  Your brain doesn't want to learn how to keep you safe under new conditions, and it takes actual physical resources to rewire the brain.  Resources your brain would rather not use up. Unless you free up some energy by upping your happiness set point.

Unfortunately for us,  our default setting is established in large part by our amygdala, which scans the environment constantly looking for danger. And since there are few tigers in our environments these days to watch out for, that vigilance is turned on modern problems. Which are in fact mostly not life threatening. And unless we are currently experiencing a violent relationship or any other clear and present danger, our brains ruminate on the memories of that abuse, or the boss that yells, how unhappy we are in our jobs, how the team is not pulling together, how the spouse could help more with the dishes, how the kids yell too much, the demands the family puts on us, and on and on. 

Happiness frees up your energy for more creativity to solve those problems.  And to literally see the solutions that are right in front of you now!


You've heard the saying that "what you focus on grows"?

It's another brain thing.  It is called "generalizing."  Your brain takes input from one bad situation and looks for more instances of that input.  And that can be as unspecific as the color of a shirt, the shape of someone's face, a smell, or any number of details you would never consider were making you uncomfortable.  So the brain

is always looking for danger,

is misinterpreting common environmental clues,

and brings forward to your attention more and more of this input.


How do we break free of this cycle?

We train our brains.  And this is what the Habits of Happiness Course is all about!  Happiness gives us

the energy to make and sustain lasting change

Happiness gives us more clarity and focus to see new opportunities for success,

and to attract the outcomes we want.

Our brains really are happy to get on board with our leadership.  It follows our direction willingly as soon as we start telling it what WE want to focus on.  And the part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS)  goes out and finds things to make us happy.

When we have more energy, when happiness is a habit, our body is regularly bathed in uplifting, health protecting hormones, we are attractive because people are drawn to happy people, our leadership ability naturally gets better, and income, team success and the happiness of others around us goes up too.

As I said above, happiness is not the end result, it is the path. 

Our brains are great at many things, but the ruminating untrained brain can't access the true magic of life that happiness can bring.


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How It works

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