Stress Makes You Stupid.

And it Keeps You Uncomfortable

We all have it.  It's a fact of life. Some occasional stress can be  useful. In small amounts. That are then released.

But that's not how it usually works, is it?  We start the day running, with jobs, kids, pets, email, errands. Then there's the noise pollution, fifty kinds of toxic perfumes in the elevator and office, phones ringing. Back home to do laundry, cook, clean, and the kids and pets need you again. You fall onto the coach or into social media and zone out a bit and then into bed for a few hours of fitful sleep, and then you're up and at it again. 

Stress raises the hormone cortisol in your blood, and activates the fight/flight/freeze response. The blood shifts from your fore brain, where you make good executive decisions, to the hind brain where you react swiftly but with little thought.  That's how stress makes you stupid.  How often have you looked back at a decision when you're calmer and thought "why did I do that?  That's so dumb!"  

Life is stressing you out. Add an injury to the list. Or an illness.  Now, you have a lot of discomfort in your body and/or mind. And that causes  more stress. Here's where the  downward spiral can begin. You might not have had all the emotional and mental  resources you needed before to cope (because stress makes you stupid)  and now you hurt all the time (and discomfort causes stress).  Maybe it wasn't even that big a deal, to begin with.  You're confused as why you can't heal and get over this.

Or, you need to get to the doctor, and you're overdo at the dentist. But you just can't bring yourself to make the call.  It's too scary to even contemplate what you might hear or experience there.  That's where the scary words and devices are and you're not signing up for that.  No siree, bob.  Not happening.  Perhaps, frightening things have happened there before. But eventually you have to go and you know that. And that knowledge is hanging out in your mind like the bogeyman.  And you try to not think about it.

The main reason all this is so hard is: stress has used up all your resources. And your brain literally does not have enough blood in the right places to think clearly. So everything is harder than it needs to be. And there may be stuck energy in your body whispering fear into your mind.  It's harder to keep up with the regular demands of life let alone find more time to rehab, exercise and meditate.


The result? Overwhelm!


EFT is the best and fastest way to relieve stress and replenish your resources. 

It is a fabulous tool to deal with current stresses.  And it shines in this category because today's stress and pain is built on stuck trauma and old progrmas that are not serving your highest goals:  being happy and healthy

When you start getting rid of all the useless crap hanging around,

  • you have more energy to deal with life
  • your mental bandwidth increases tremendously
  • your creativity soars
  • life just gets easier
  • things (and people) that bothered you before just don't anymore
  • and much more


There are 100+ research studies that demonstrate EFT's effectiveness and safety for relief of physical and emotional discomfort, as well as many other issues.

Just a very few issues that EFT can effectively address:

  • anxious thoughts
  • inability to just get moving in life
  • ennui
  • overwhelming fears of common every day things
  • low mood
  • troubling memories
  • sports performance
  • performance anxiety
  • financial and career issues
  • weight loss

EFT is effective with so many issues because the common thread in all of them are emotions.  And emotional energy drives the bus.


Get back in the drivers's seat!  Reclaim who you were born to be.  That's why it's  called Emotional Freedom Techniques!


For an overview of the developments and discoveries that led to EFT please watch my video, EFT History,  How We Got Here


Of course, nothing works for everyone, for every problem, every time.  EFT may not bring complete relief of all problems, but most likely will alleviate most if not all of the suffering. While many problems are addressed relatively quickly, many issues are complex in nature and require more time to clear. 

It's hard to fathom that something so simple can be so effective  

But the evidence is clear: both anecdotal and clinical.  EFT works!





"I was surprised how much value I got from our session and I believe in recognizing people who do excellent work. I was delighted with the results from EFT with Penny. I had struggled with some personal goals. We identified and worked through emotional issues and events that I'd forgotten. I was surprised how good it felt. My positive energy and confidence increased dramatically.  I was impressed by Penny's knowledge and skill. The whole experience was great."--Bryan J., web designer

I had a tapping session with Penny Hill today. I loved it and tapping really works. If you are at the point where you are ready to release issues that have been holding you back, Penny will successfully show you how to achieve a sense of peace. I highly recommend working with her. -- Gail Serna, Intuitive Reader, Healing the Heart and Soul.