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Product The Habits of Happiness I

We are all born with a Happiness set-point.  About 40-50% of this is genetically inherited, another 10% is our circumstances.  This leaves about 50% under our control!  This is excellent news, because it shows that our happiness is largely ours to change.

The even better news is that through certain activities and developing certain habits we can actually influence our genetic material to up-regulate the factors that will increase our happiness. Our DNA is not fixed as we once thought, but can be influenced to either decrease or increase our happiness.  And that includes our health, the harmony of our relationships, our career success and more.

In 'The Habits of Happiness I'  I share some of the foundational activities and cognitive shifts that will give you the tools to increase your happiness.

  • You will learn to shift your energy as needed,
  • recognize when you need an energy shift
  • Learn how to develop a habit
  • try out powerful body hacks that will shift you immediately into a better state of mind
  • Learn how to discover the buried road blocks to your happiness in your subconscious
  • And practice many techniques that will help you stuff your tool box for happiness

Included are some of the most powerful techniques I've learned in my own health and healing journey.  I know they will help you too. 

Are you ready to up level your Happiness set-point?

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