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Greetings and a Happy New Year to you

Whether it's the new solar year of 2022 or the upcoming Year of the Water Tiger, are you ready to make it what you'd like?  I'm enrolled in a year long program and this month we are establishing our intentions and theme for  our year.  Setting up the energies, the thoughts and emotions, that will guide us in the upcoming months.

And, not just our mental intentions, but our soul intentions.  Our deep desires, our real mission.  When people are tapping with me sometimes I take them through a process of 'why' questions.  Because usually there is a deeper, heartfelt need below the surface......

I want to be better at my job.  


So I won't be so stressed out at work

Why is that important?

Because I get keyed up at home thinking about going to work

Why is that a problem?

Because I yell at the spouse and kids

Why is that a problem?

Because it makes me feel bad to do that

what would make you feel better?

Being calm and happy at home!

Why is that important?

I could finally relax and be myself


So the real goal is to find more calm and happiness ('cause you know you're always happiest being yourself!)  It takes some investigating sometimes to go beyond the obvious surface issues, to find the real need.  It's important to aim the tapping at the right target.  If we spent time trying to tap about the work skills, we wouldn't get to the issue of needing more calm and happiness which would allow this person to finally come home to herself.


What would your your spirit love to have more of this year?  What would make your heart happy to focus on all year?  Because what you focus on grows.  What might feel a bit aspirational? A Year of lively friendships?  A year of expansion?  Of  liberating Abundance? Trust? Finding  love everywhere? What would feel awesome to you? A year of vibrant health and vitality?  Ease and Flow? Travel to new places with friends?  The Theme is a short phrase that feels good and fulfills something wonderful in your soul.  Say it as if you're looking back a year from now and if it lights you up, you've got a great one.Don't worry if it brings up a bit of fear, that's just the old patterns talking. (Those fears are good tapping targets by the way)

Intentions (choose just 3, more is just confusing) focus your energies, allowing you to craft on an energetic plane the situations and opportunities to bring them to fruition. Let your intention statements be "I am" statements.

"I am reveling in having many wonderful new friends surrounding me"

"I am rejoicing in my vibrant health"

"I am attracting love and support in every way possible"

"I am in a fulfilling relationship with my soul mate"

This isn't done on a mental level, but from the subconscious level, or a soul level. It's like when you decide to buy a certain car, and although you don't remember seeing many of them on the road, suddenly you see them everywhere.  Your mind changes it's filters to show you more of what you want! so, focus on what you want!  And practice practice practice. Engage with these intentions and theme daily.

And you can use your theme and 3 intentions to consciously guide yourself as well. If there are choices before you, you can ask, "does this support my theme?" It may be very clear  that the answer is yes or no.   If you're theme is 'More Love', you can easily ask, "would this action or choice bring more love?"  It's your guiding light for the year. Your brain will continue to bring you more choices that support your intentions. Your job is to say "yes!"

Write your theme and intentions on a card, or cards, and put them somewhere you'll interact with it daily.  Say your theme and intentions out loud with enthusiasm!  The more you put into them, the more energy they'll give back to you.  After all, you want to convince your brain you REALLY mean it!  This isn't just an "I'd like a cup of coffee"  sort of deal. This is a life changing, opening, up-leveling, expanding kind of deal! If you aren't excited about it, your brain isn't going to think it means much to you! 

What will your guiding light be in 2022? 

If you've read this far, maybe your brain is showing you that this is a good choice, a good time to try tapping! Maybe this is the year that you finally tackle that issue that's been bugging you for so long! That feeling or thought you've been tripping on, over and over. That pattern you just can't break.  If I can help you clarify, release blocks, or help you on your healing journey in any way you know where to reach me!

There's a lot of science about tapping going on, here's an brief update of the results:

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May all your heartfelt hopes and desires find fulfillment and nourishment in the coming year!
















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