Happy New Year to You!

Greetings fellow journeyers!  We are on to the New Year and new challenges, growth and adventures, both pleasant and probably a bit scary, await.  We enjoyed our Holiday immensely. It felt good to dive in and just revel in the decorations and lights for a bit.  I took more time off than usual.  I feel some spaciousness and ease in my own life and business now.  For the last two years it's been all learning and building, and even with tapping it felt like a lot of endlessly new things challenging my brain.  I'm sure I've built a LOT of new neural pathways recently!  Hooray for brain health. 


The Writing on the Walls

For the past few weeks I've been writing posts on Facebook about the 'writing on the walls'.  This is the body of "knowledge" that your brain has developed over the course of your life about what is safe and comfortable, and what is not.  This is the set of beliefs we've decided to live by, or that rule us, perhaps even against our conscious wishes.  It's been written by our parents, teachers, friends, and ourselves.  It guides every decision of every moment of our lives.  And we mostly pay it no mind.  We accept certain 'truths' about ourselves as a given, and as a rule we only try to change something  that has become to onerous to continue to live with.  Change is hard.  Our brains don't like to do it.  So our brains tell us it's too hard- don't bother.  Living with whatever the problem is is easier than trying to change.

And while I'm a big fan of the brain, it does a lot of really great stuff for us, I suggest you don't listen to, and certainly don't believe, everything it has to say.

In my massage practice I often talk about the body having it's own brain and wisdom.  It's a useful metaphor.  The brain also has it's roles and secrets.  One of them is that it can be a real downer; 2/3 of the amygdala  is devoted to looking for dangerous things in the environment.  Since happy and joyful things are not life threatening, your brain doesn't much care about them.  So it takes a conscious act of will to do all that envisioning, affirming, and generally uplifting stuff we are so fond of these days.

You can read some more posts about this on my Facebook page. (links are below) And I recommend the video I posted on January 4th about how clearing one limiting belief can positively affect many other parts of your life, even if they seem unrelated. the link is here



A wonderful book to read is Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Not just a great read, full of information about epigenetic influences on and the plasticity of the brain, but an actual HOW TO process to change your brain, and by changing it,  create a new one.  If you are a doer, this is a book for you.



I would love to say I have an upcoming event, but alas, not yet.    I would love to do  more presentations.  If you have an interest in tapping, maybe your friends would too?  Do you know anyone who is struggling with stress or some aspect of their health and you think they might like to feel better?  I'd love to get together with you and your friends and have conversation, demonstrations and snacks and see if we can't improve some lives!  





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blessings to you  in your journey



Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief