Dear Penny

For Portland area peeps: 

Last week was a gorgeous summer morning, and this week looks to be much the same.  Come say hi, and let's tap and talk a bit.  You don't need anything big to process!  Even just a bit of casual tapping can re-set your energy system in a big way! Or maybe you want to refresh your tapping skills? I'd love to see you!

Here's the times and place: Page: Events


The source vs. the outflow

I sent out a massage newsletter recently talking about how the source of your low back pain is probably in your mid-back.  Same for most pains in the body: the end result (the pain) has it's source in something too tight or mis-aligned somewhere else.

This is also true for our emotional pain.  When we look at our lives and see that we're not having the success we want, we keep making the same bad choices, we have chronic health issues, or our relationships keep going sideways - that's the pain.  But the source is in our un-processed stressful emotional reactions, the bad programming we adopted or was thrust onto us by our families or cultures.

We have to get to the source.


Enter tapping!

This is precisely what tapping does.  We walk upstream and find the source and finally look at it.  It's not always about 'getting it out' like we're digging out a bad root.  That pain is part of you, the source is a younger version of you that was overwhelmed by grief, anger, sadness, or loss.  What is needed is recognition and love.

Are you ready to love all of you?  I'll bet it's easier than you might imagine right now.


I'm ready when you are! 

Take care, and keep tapping!




Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief