Enjoying the spring weather?

I hope so.  Taking advantage of the fresh air and sunshine is uplifting to the spirit, and renews the body as well.  I've been getting out in the garden, trying to get as much clean up and prep for the new season done as I can.  Gardening imposes a certain order to the tasks that I choose because there are certain things that have to happen before the season progresses.  Like my potted trees.  I don't re-pot them as often as I should because there is such a small window of opportunity between when it isn't freezing and they've broken bud.  So I do the best I can by feeding them well.  And I try to not stress about what doesn't get done.

Self care is like that too, don't you think?  We focus on the thing that hurts, even though we may know there are other parts that need attention too. 

Do your best.  And don't stress about the rest. 


Blog Update

Who do you think you are!  A statement hurled at us by our parents or friends when we step out side of their expectations for us, or for themselves. The stress of being who OTHER'S think you should be is tremendous.

Please enjoy my short blog post about how you can discern who is the REAL you, vs. the attributes you may have taken on to keep the peace, and how tapping can help you de-stress by uncovering  the GEM that is the REAL YOU.

read it here




Along the lines of what makes you YOU,  stress causes you to be "out of sorts"  and  not "feeling like yourself."  Feeling like yourself is a complex set of hormones that constitute the feeling portion of your thoughts about who you are.  Want to change something?  A great book is:  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  A "HOW TO" as well as a "What and Why"  it lays the groundwork for what's happening in your brain and body, how your identity is stored in your body, and how to consciously change.  A great read, and system for change.  (Tapping also does this!)



I've been having a great time with small presentations about EFT, and would like to come and help your friends with the awesome power of EFT.  You're probably the one in your group that knows all the new cool stuff, so your friends are counting on you!   Let's get EFT and stress relief and better health, and all sorts of other benefits, into the hands of more of your friends.  Let's have a party! 

Do you belong to an organization that has speakers in?  I'd love to bring my presentation about stress relief. Stress is the biggest concern people have these days. And because we are so time driven I think EFT is very valuable because it offers both speedy relief,  and ease in using it.  Who do I talk to? 



Let's be social!

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That's it, go get some sun in your eyes, and keep tapping!  It changes everything for the better.


Be well,


Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief