Happy almost Solar Holidays

We're less than a week away from the Summer Solstice. I always notice the light this time of year. It's one of those private pleasures. It starts about a month before the Solstice, staying noticeably light later and later.  It seems, in a way, that time expands.  Which is good, because if you are a gardener, you need a lot of extra time!  It seems as if we're still in the Springing-forth stage, but the later summer plants are getting their growth spurt and the squashes are surging.  Nature knows there isn't a moment to waste.


Have we met?

I realized that many of you may have never even met me!  So I made a short video to introduce myself and share a bit of my story, so you'll have a better understanding of me and why I'm so passionate about EFT and the other modalities that I share with clients.

You can watch the video here: Introduction video, let's get to know one another!


 Why do people stay stuck in their stuff for so long?

Good question. For one, we're complicated! And it's not easy. It's easier to stay stuck in the pain, believing we are "coping" Or,  it doesn't even occur to us that change is an option.  Some parts of us are very grown up and we have agency to act and create and build.  Yet in other aspects we are still wounded,  or as children, stuck in a fight or a fright.   The process of change is about bringing the hidden into the light, bringing the wounds of our childhoods into the love.  But that process requires we re-experience those places and events, to some degree, again.  And we don't want to.  Because it was scary then and it's still scary.   But to regain our wholeness, to release  the wounds of the past we must be brave, if just for a few minutes, to bring it up to our consciousness again, to love the one who was wounded, to be the protector that the younger self needed at that time and didn't get.

There is a lot of wisdom in this quote, we need to mourn what we are releasing, for as uncomfortable as it has been to have been holding onto the pain, we've been protected from the full force of it while it was held in our subconscious.  And, we need to embrace what we may become with out it. What will take the place of that pain? A new us so to speak. What will that new you look like and sound like? How will the new you move in the world?

These are all questions we can work on together with tapping.  The more complex the pain and the longer standing, the more you need to do this work with someone.  Some roads need to be walked with a companion.

 As one of my mentors says,"It's hard until it's not."  At first the changes can be wrenching, but they get easier and easier.  Until change becomes a way of life.  Discomfort and old ways of being arise and you look at them and go, "not me anymore." It's hard to imagine that view from where you start out, but the journey is so worth it.


Upcoming events

I'll be doing some workshops over the summer, the first one is July 10, at 10 AM.  I'll be doing an introduction to EFT, using it to release stress, recover your equilibrium as we emerge from the pandemic, and begin to build resilience for the days and years ahead.  When I get the actual scheduling done, I'll get the link to you.


enjoy the wet, and soon we'll having fun in the sun,

yours in transformation






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief