Transitions: the seasons are changing

We're well into harvest season now.  I hope you have had a fruit-ful and vegetable-ful season.  I especially love autumn.  The squashes just feel and smell like sunshine and rain embodied.  Nature's way of storing and releasing to our bodies the warmth and nourishment of summer when we need it the most over the winter months.  However you like to see it, it's the magic of nature or the blessings of the Divine.  Perhaps there's not much difference in the end.  It's yummy and feeds the body and soul.  


Transitions: and so are we

Yay!  You've been tapping and now you are no longer bothered by that (person, place, thing, feeling)  like you were before. But,  sometimes people can get a bit hung up in transitions.  If I don't have this (problem), who am I?  If you've been struggling with an issue privately you may have to do some tapping around "who am I without this issue?"  We too often can define ourselves by the issues we've been dealing with.  Other aspects to tap on can arise with success, like, "since I just tapped through this problem, maybe I could have let it go a long time ago, maybe I'm to blame for holding onto it."


Blame and shame are yet another way your mind, (which you have identified with, but more on that at another time), works to keep you stuck and under it's control.  It's not nefarious, but it's doing it's best with very outdated data.  And much of the source energy of the  problem you've been tapping on has been with you for so long that you don't even know it's there - contributing to your definition of "self"  That's why it's the sub -conscious.  :) 

What about changes you've made that are not so private?  If you've been the "go to" person in the family who takes care of everything and everyone and now you can start to say "No" to some things; there are others who are going to have to adjust to this "new and improved" you.   This might open up a whole new realm of tapping as you cope with how you feel about how THEY feel!

Tapping is a wonderful way to transition from operating under old outdated programming and installing an operating system that brings you more health and peace of mind. 



So now you have this groovy new emotional state.  Are you going to house it in the same old body?  Let's update that too!  I found this short yoga video to help you deal with those tight shoulders.  

yes I'm ready for more shoulder happiness 



September group tapping is on September 16th.  I've added a tab in the menu on my website  just for the free group tapping so you can go to my website and click on the tab for any schedule updates. The link to that page is: here


Who  wants to tap online?

I've been mulling an online group as well as the individual tapping coaching I've been doing.  Just testing the waters a bit to see who's interested.  Email me if you're interested and tell me when the best times are for you, and what frequency would you like.  I'm thinking monthly.  But what do you think?  




Would you join me in my group?  From Stressed Out to Happy and Healthy

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I hope we can tap together soon,

large or small, if there is an issue bothering you, it's draining energy from your system that could be used to build your health, fuel your creativity,  and bring you more joy and ease.

Your  best life is waiting for you!  Let's bring it on home!






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief