What the world needs now is more flowers!

And boy do we got em!  We are happily awash in flowers at our house.  So much beauty and fragrance busting out all over.  It's a swift passage through spring, so I hope you can and do take some time to enjoy the view.  I wish for all people a little bit of dirt of their own to dig in.


The crazy continues, as we knew it would.

How are your coping skills doing?  This pandemic has been HARD on everyone.  Some more than others.  I'm lucky, in that what I do shields me a bit from the mass of crazy out there.  As long as I limit my consumption of certain types of posts on social media.  And I have all my practices of EFT tapping and HeartMath. And the Habits of Happiness of course.  Even so, stress management has been a pretty full on occupation much of the time.

We are clearly at a juncture. Society is either going to be more inclusive, just and fair, or it's going to be more restrictive, exclusive and unjust.  It's not a simple equation nor a straight line (or curve).  And it's going to take perhaps years to know which direction we are going.  I'm wondering if clarity is actually a thing.  It seems like we're progressing in some areas, and backsliding in others.  Perhaps this is how big change always looks.


So, how do you keep your happy and healthy going during all of this?

First, you tend to your emotions.  Some folks emphasize minding your thoughts, and they are important, but, there's too many of them usually to get a handle on.  (Although for some people monitoring their thoughts is a great tool because they are less tuned into their emotions.) But I believe that tuning into your feelings is the way to go.  Now for some that is scary because the inside of their bodies became a scary place.  I was musing this morning that that was true for me. My emotions were a constant minefield.


In EFT, we're looking for the memories that evoke a feeling and a label. 

I feel this heaviness in my chest, and it's fear, from when I was crammed into that crowded hot car

I sense a black presence at my back, and it's judgement, from when I walked off the stage

I don't know how I know, but I do, that I'm feeling sad from when I heard my uncle had died


And getting to this information is much easier than you might think.  A friendly guide and a few questions will allow your nervous system to offer up this 'stuck' energy for clearing.  Your body is so tired of carrying it around.  It wants to let it go.


Second, all of today's reactions are extensions of previous learning or vows.  And most of our reaction patterns were laid down when we were young children.  From then on, our brains looked for patterns, and assessed all new information or data, in relation to what it had already experienced. The brain then starts to selectively show you information that looks most like what you already know.  You know the language of this:

That always happens

She's always like that

The more life changes, the more it stays the same

No matter what I do I get the same result


Now, we KNOW that life is changing all the time, so how can we be part of life and unchanging?  We're not.  But our perceptions can be!


Be the Change You Want To See in The World

Is that a phrase that annoys you?  Is it just pop pablum?  It's actually very scientifically true. To see a change in the world you have to start with your own brain. When your nervous system has different patterns to draw on it makes new conclusions, shows you different data, changes how you react to events, places and people that may have aggravated you before.  You become different in the world, and that per force changes the world. Not just your part of it, but maybe the wider world as well. Over time you may touch tens of thousands of other lives.  What if more of those were kinder, what if there were more smiles and acts of gentleness? How could your life profoundly effect the world by creating a ripple of goodness? 

All it takes is the desire to be happier yourself.  I got sick almost to death from stress.  I want you to be healthier and happier, and have less suffering. 

I'm ready to help.  If you're ready to talk tapping, you can schedule a consult at my calendar page.  And if none of the options works for you, just email me and we'll set up a time.

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Two ways, other than Tapping or HeartMath to get ease

1. Asking for help:  if you're significantly down in the dumps, ask for some help.  This article outlines a very sensible plan to reach out:

  7 Ways to ask for help

2. And physical exercise or just movement.  Studies show that movement is equivalent to pharmaceuticals in most cases to lift your spirits.  Even just taking a walk.  And what a beautiful time of year to get outside!


That's it for now, maybe we'll talk soon!


Take care all,






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief