Well, I have no good excuse for being out of touch.  I'll say this, that I'm full of ideas of things to say and share and then when It comes time to write or make a video, all the ideas just vanish. Poof, straight out of my head like they were never there.  I think I need to tap on that! 

We're bringing in the harvest now.  This morning the hubby made a big batch of pesto.  The Pumpkins are finishing ripening on the back porch and a bunch of Spaghetti squash and other gourds are keeping company on the front porch.  The Montrose flying Dragon is ripening it's fruit and we have the first bowls of fragrant yellow fruits around the house.  And we have the great pleasure of old friends and family coming for a visit this week. 


Good times!



But,  the good times are also interspersed with a political climate that is at best confusing and at worst traumatizing.  One of the things that has been keeping me so busy is a course I'm taking, Tapping Out of Trauma.  So I'm learning a whole bunch more about the brain (and you know I love that!)  But also things like how to help you be more comfortable when you come in for a tapping session. 

Because there is so much troubling information  and events in the world right now I thought I'd pass on this article:  Is Breaking News Breaking Your Heart?

If you know tapping, I strongly recommend you utilize it more.  I know, even for experienced tappers, how easy it is to forget to tap.  But really, you can tap intermittently all day, especially when you see or hear something that troubles you.  Even if it is minor.  Those minor 'events' can add up, over time, to a big load of "$^%*" for your nervous system to deal with! And who needs more of that?


My Other Big Project

I mentioned in my last newsletter that I was beginning a project to develop a course to help people  release their stress around going to the dentist.   There is still time to help with the research if you or someone you know struggles with this. If you   would take the survey that would  be very helpful.  And if it's someone else you know, please feel free to forward tis nesletter or the link on to them.  their input would be very helpful.  And then maybe I can help them back!

You can click here to take the survey:



Is it too soon to talk about Holiday Stress?  Who's  interested in a Holiday Stress Tapping online group tapping?   I'm testing the waters, so raise your hand if you think you might like to try it.


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