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Happy Spring?

I've only recently become a spring enthusiast.  I love autumn.  It gets me in my soul. The rain and soil and sun producing the fruits that will sustain us over the winter.   But I'm beginning to get Spring.  The colors of course; there is nothing quite like 'new' green.'  As a gardener it is too easy to get overwhelmed with the Spring "to do' list.  Fortunately for me my husband is an enthusiastic seed starter.  So with spring comes lots of little pots all over the house and dreams and plans for the summer garden and fall harvest.  

Spring in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine each season is related to organs in the body.  Spring is related to the liver network and meridians.  It is good to eat spring greens, as green is the color of the liver and the color associated with spring. 

The flavor associated with spring is sour.  Sour greens such as Sorrel are a great addition to the diet and help the liver.  A slice of lemon or a tsp of apple cider vinegar are  also good digestive aids.

Spring is when that which has been hidden or dormant arises to the surface.  So any pathologies that might have lain dormant  can erupt now in the springing forth.  This is actually a good thing which I'll explain below. 

Bringing the Hidden to the Surface

With tapping we are also bringing that which is hidden to the surface.  This is where healing can take place.  We can't change what we don't know about and we 'can't clean the house unless we see the dirt" (thanks Louise Hay.)

When hidden health issues rise to the surface then we can see them. We can take action.  With the set up statement in EFT we focus the mind on a sensation, and by doing so we bring  all the old hurt and stored emotions we might not have known were buried in there, up to the surface where we can reprocess them and release them.  Doing so brings fresh energy and vitality to our systems.  Allows us to see situations and people in new ways.  Opens up creativity. 

And so much more. 



So this is brand new and very exciting.  After years of work the movie The Science Of Tapping is available.  Follow this link and once you've registered you have 12 hours to view a 13 min and 30 minute outtake of the longer film

click here to access: Science of Tapping film 


It's almost Done!

My online tapping course, Getting To The Dentist With Ease is ready for a few beta testers.  Does going to the Dentist cause you days or weeks of anxiousness, cause physical pain due to physical positions putting pressure on your neck and jaw, have you had  bad experiences in the past you are afraid of experiencing again?  For a limited time I'm offering my new course at reduced cost.  If you are interested in helping yourself, and me at the same time, email for the particulars.

You can look at the particulars here: Getting To the Dentist With Ease On-Line Course 

And of course, if you have other issues you are ready to have some peace and clarity around, Just get in touch. 





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Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief