Greetings fellow sojourner.

Are you feeling flexible and adaptable? 

These times are certainly challenging our abilities to "take it as it comes." 


Resilience: The ability to handle or adapt to tragedy or trauma.

Undoubtedly EFT is brilliant at building resilience.But what keeps us from bringing our whole selves to solve a problem is that we are not, all together, or "whole."

We've left various bits of ourselves strung out in time. Those parts of us have been left behind "holding the bag" as it were. That bag is full of all  the stress that we haven't dealt with. Health and vitality result when we bring our whole selves together. This current ongoing crisis demands that we finally feel our feelings, and is forcing some of us to finally deal with all the old "stuff."

When ever something threatens to, or actually does, knock us over, that is where we are missing some of our strength, our wholeness.  This is what we tap on.  The stuff that makes us lose heart, get sick, lose our temper, or fail to speak up.

The pandemic is one long invitation to see where we need  to bring our wholeness.  An invitation to see and release the stress that has been hidden in our busy flight from feeling our stressful emotions and looking in the shadows.

Is it time to let EFT shine a light and lend a helping hand?  I'm ready when you are.  Doing one more thing might seem just too much right now, but with tapping you can let me be in the drivers seat;  (and if money is a concern right now, I'm working on a donation basis for a while to help people get through this situation.)



Other strategies for building resilience are outlined in this article:


New course on Tapping Out of Chemical Sensitivity

Does the smell of dryer sheets, laundry soap, commercial cleaning products, even lotions, make-up and hair styling products make you sick? Do you experience

  • burning eyes and nose?
  • a scratchy throat?
  • itchy skin or nausea?
  • mood swings?

Many people are sickened by these chemicals, which are in fact toxins.

But with tapping you can can greatly reduce or eliminate your reaction to these triggers. I'm starting a course on

Friday May 15, 2020

to address this issue and build a course to help others as well. If you'd like to help me build it, at no cost to you, follow this link for more information and a video where I tell my story about how these chemicals have affected me:

EFT to Reduce Chemical Sensitivity


What ever strategies you are using, remember to use them often.  Resilience is a series of actions over time.  And like so much else, it's a series of choices.  I recommend the choice to feel better and stronger.  (You'd think that would be the obvious choice, but it's more of a struggle than you might think.  But that's a different newsletter!)


take care, and may your paths be sunlit and smooth






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief