Happy Almost Spring!

It's time to start thinking of switching gears, from inward to outward, from potential to growth.  We do well when we mimic the seasons and get ourselves into the biorhythm of Mother Earth.  We are connected into a vast energetic field that expresses itself  in us on many different levels.  On the level of the physical body there is a definite rhythm we can harness.  There is a daily wake/sleep cycle, a monthly cycle, and a yearly cycle.  Each time and season devoted to a certain expression of life.  Unto everything there is a season.


When we decide we want to make a change in our selves we need to look at where we are and where we want to be.  One important part of the process is deciding why we want to make a change.  Change can be a challenge, and without a sufficient 'why' it is very easy to let the routine wash over us and lull us back to the comfort of the 'usual.'  Now, there may be nothing 'comfortable' about the usual at all, but it feels like an implacable force, which in the end always wins. Which it does - because  we are largely programmed to think, feel, act, and react as we do by our mid-thirties.

You can't out think the programming

But you can change the programming.  One way is to tap.  EFT is superb at unlocking the unconscious and allowing us to 'rewire' the brain.  Change the brain, change your life.  Take an active role in re-writing your programming.  Many people find that by changing their own thoughts and feelings, by releasing stuck thoughts, wounds and troubling memories, the world around them changes too.  The boss isn't so snarky, the spouse is calmer,  the other drivers not so annoying.  You have changed who you are in the world, and perforce your experience of the world changes.  And other people's experience of you  can change, as well.

What is one thought or memory that is causing you to leak happiness all over the place?

You were born happy.  It is your true nature! But when you mind or feelings are dwelling on negativity it's like a hole punched in the bottom of your happy boat. Do you have an habitual thought that makes you unhappy?  When you have that thought, your mind is traveling a well worn and familiar path.  So, you need to make a new path and send your thoughts down this new path often enough to make it the bigger and most easily accessible  path.  What is a thought you would like to change, or is there a reaction to someone or something you would like to change? Nothing to huge here. It could even be a scene from a book or movie that bothered you. Think about  what you would like to change, and feel what you feel on your body.  Now tap through the points.  Keep with it until you feel a change.  You can use just the side of hand point, which you learned in my free report (click here to get the report) or if you know them, you can use all the points.  Tap until you feel  a better feeling.  When the bothersome feeling is lessened continue to tap on what you would like to feel instead.  Phrasing is a bit important here.   State what you would  like in positive terms, for example: "I would like to feel calm"  rather than in the negative: "I would like to feel less angry."

Tapping produces verifiable brain changes

Because of the magic combination of cognitive exposure (thinking of the problem)  and tapping on the body, it is possible to quickly change our brains. And when you change the 'master gland' you can change a vast array of feelings, thoughts, and reactions and start living a calmer, happier life.  You can reclaim in a very real way the "WHO" you were always meant to be.


I'm at your service if you have something you would like to kick to the curb,


Many blessings of peace and health, and keep tapping!






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief