Greetings, dear one!

I'm sure your inbox is full of offers to help.  At least I hope it is! And as I can work online I feel more mission driven than ever to deliver the stress relief of EFT to as many of you as want it.

Of course I want less stress!

In truth, you do. But the exigencies of the current situation may make it seem like stress relief is the last thing you CAN do instead of the first thing you MUST do. I talk about the importance of stress relief as a way to clearer thinking, focus and creativity.  We all need these qualities more than ever. 

                         And those who manage their stress will come out of this.  Those who release it, will be positioned to soar when it is over.

                                   Take this opportunity to evolve yourself, and evolve humanity, by releasing old, out dated paradigms


Keep a green tree in your heart, and

perhaps a singing bird will come

Chinese proverb


tapping online today in just a while.

But if you can't join us today, I'm adding dates as we go until this is behind us. Click below to sign up or see the schedule. Future dates will have specific invitations, but today just join the Zoom room if you can.  We'd love to see you and tap with you.

online group tapping

I've posted the first two videos so far of explaining step by step the tapping process.  What we do, and why. 

First live video: the set Up Statement

The Second live video, The Set Up statement


keep tapping, loves, it works!





Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief