Happy New Year my Dear Penny

Are we off to a good start?  I like to ease into my year.  We took the Christmas tree down yesterday, and will spend a few more days picking up and organizing the remaining bits and pieces.  I hope you have some goals and plans for fun already on mind for the new year.  My husband has already started seeds in the basement. If you've been to the house you've seen all the gorgeous Coleus around our front door.  That's him! 


Tapping Groups Continue

For at least January, Mondays at 10 AM will continue to be free group EFT Tapping time. The attendance has been low and I wonder if the time is wrong for those who would like to come? If you'd like to attend but need a different time, please tell me and I'll see what might be available on the Community Room calendar. If there is enough interest in another time I might look into doing a Zoom Room (on-line video) group. So, think about that and please get in touch with your thoughts.


There is nothing wrong with you!

You don't need a new you.  The current you is a divine, loving, kind, beautiful being.  All that needs changing is the filter through which you see yourself.  People have often mocked those who see the world through "rose colored glasses."  I submit that those are the enlightened ones;  those who see this world through the lens of love - see love. The Masters say that  Heaven is here on Earth.  What?  How can that be?   Those who see  through a filter of fear,  see lack; a filter of anger sees danger.    In tapping what we're doing is removing the mud from your glasses so you can see the world through a different lens.  You can see yourself through a different, clearer lens.  Then your light shines through  more clearly and your life is brighter and freer.

What would life be like if we eliminated the ideas that you were "not enough," that "I can't have that,"  "I'll never heal from that,"  "that's just how I am," that "it's too dangerous to speak up"?  Hmmm.  What are the ways in which  you never even questioned the idea of who you were?

Finish this sentence, 'It's a truth that I am..........."   What is on your list?

I am fearful

I can't talk in public

I am easily intimidated

I am generous

I am kind

I am fat

I am sick

I am never going to amount to anything

I'll never be out of debt


These are all filters through which which you see, and create, your life.  They were created at some point in your life as a protective mechanism, but mostly have outlived their usefulness. And with tapping we have the option to change those which no longer serve our greatest and healthiest life. 


So, what are you waiting for?


Consider this your gold engraved invitation !  Let's do this!


My best wishes for a healthy, happy new year of growth and fun!

keep on tapping!






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Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief