It's That time of Year!

When people say It's That Time of Year!    It's been a wonderful year full of growth and challenges.  I hope you are rising up in the fullness of your heart and in loving yourself. Although not a very Biblical person I have thought some this year about the exhortation from Jesus to "love your neighbor as yourself."  There's a lot to unpack there.

Loving your neighbor as your self assumes you do love your self.  I would propose that as a way to gauge how well you love yourself is to pay attention to how you love others.  Are you kind and non-judgemental?  Do you hold hidden grudges and resentments?  Yes.  We all do both.  But from an EFT Tapping point of view the times when we are less generous, kind and loving are the places and people who are providing the most opportunity for growth. What is blocking the full expression of heart at these times?  Find out and heal that, and you heal a part of both of you.

Extending loving kindness and compassion to ourselves and others is good for our health.  This is known.  So this is another way to combat stress, improve your health and feelings of well being - and tapping can be part of that Journey. 


Holiday Stress - The same and different

A cool deal on tapping sessions, use them for Holiday stress or save them for later.  There will be stress later too.  Learning to manage stress is the gift that gives for a life time.

read about it here


and watch my quickie video: Holiday stress and Family interactions   and the second in the series: Why family stress is different



Did you know I'm holding free weekly group tapping hours?    Well, now you do!

you can check out the details here: come and release your stress with me - for free!


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I hope your holidays are merry and bright. 

All the best,




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