Stress, little and big
Every day is full of little annoyances that build up over time.  Have you stubbed your toe and stopped to glare at the thing you've tripped over?  That's some old history with stubbed toes coming out. It's like the memory of  every stubbed toe rises up in indignation to protest. 

Now, that may sound silly, but I'm sure you've either heard or said this yourself in an argument:  "YOU ALWAYS say that", or  "YOU NEVER do what you say you're going to."

This is the language of buried stress.  Every previous unresolved emotion related to the subject comes up and then the fight becomes about history not this specific event, today.

What if you could handle stress better?
What if with a few simple tools you could release past stress and hurts, improve your health, stay calm when conflict arises, speak easily and clearly what's on your mind at work and in your family?

If nothing stood in your way, what would you do? What goals are you trying to reach?  Or, even set?  Let's start finding out.

Please join me tomorrow for Ready to Release Stress and Be More Happy!   
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We'll meet at 10 AM on line, and go for about an hour and a half. I'll present a bit of the development history  of  EFT, and some ideas of how it works, and we'll do some tapping so you'll come away with an experience of EFT for yourself.

I hope you can join us and start getting the benefits of EFT for yourself!

take care,

Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief