Summer greetings, Penny 

How did you survive the heat? 

I hope you did well, and are recovering. The weather since then has certainly been a blessing over all. It's interesting what plants in the garden made it through with out a hitch (our Pansies of all things!) and which took major damage.  I definitely did some tapping at some hard points to get me through the heat.  Even if you were relatively protected it was still a massive thing to get through.  I was pleased that I did as well as I did; it showed me how more resilient I've become since the last massive heat wave.  So something's working!

And speaking of What's Working

My friend and the founder of HealingWaze, (a directory and community of health professionals)) Amber Cook,  had me in as a guest speaker  on her podcast about healing, growth and transformation.  It was published Wednesday!   I hope you'll check it out and leave us a comment and like the podcast.  Every comment and like helps the distribution.

You can go to the podcast here: Penny's podcast episode   Look for the Habits of Happiness episode - that's me!



I originally thought I could do an EFT workshop on the 10th, but that just hasn't worked out.  If by any chance you had planned to attend, I can still do it, just email me and we'll have a small group, or a single session!  A small fee would apply as it would have for the workshop.

But I am definitely going to advertise a workshop for Saturday the 31st! If you have some particular topics you'd like to cover, drop me a note. 

Have you ever heard the phrase "pain happens, but suffering is optional"?

What is the difference?  The pain is just the pain - the physical sensation of something that is out of whack.  The suffering is our emotional response to the pain. 

All pain is not created equal.  The pain of childbirth is extreme, but the sense of pride and excitement may overwrite in our memory the actual perception of how much pain was really there.  How else do you explain second children?  (hope that  landed as a joke ;) )

Pain is just what happened, or is happening, but our emotions may make us suffer in a whole 'nother way.


Here are some examples of thoughts and feelings that may amplify and extend our suffering:

“Why is this fibromyalgia happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?”

“I always have the worst luck. This couldn’t be worse timing for breaking my arm!”

“I hate this cramping so much. When will it ever end?”

“These migraines are never going to go away. I can’t take it.”

“How come I ended up with arthritis but my partner didn't? It’s not fair.”

“If only my cousin hadn’t given me the flu, I wouldn’t feel so terrible.”

“I’m young and healthy—I shouldn’t have back pain!”


These are all reactions to the the pain; they are denials, they are wrestling with the wrongness done to us, the un-justness. They inflate the pain and thereby create more  suffering. They are from a victim's point of view. It puts us in a powerless position.  And that is low energy place. They sound a bit child-like.  And they probably are.  These uncomfortable feelings, physical or emotional, may be reflections of places where we feel deficient, weak or represent an old emotional wound that is un-healed. 

But the suffering can also be a road map to  healing.  When the suffering ends, often the pain itself is greatly reduced. Ask yourself  When have I had these thoughts or feelings before?  In an EFT session we follow the trail of breadcrumbs back to previous experiences and up root the cause of the suffering by releasing old wounds.  This has the effect of toppling the "Jenga" tower of similar responses piled on top of it.

Rather than running from the pain, spend sometime inquiring of it.  See if it has a message for you.  Listen quietly and deeply.  The answer is not likely to shout at you.  Usually it's a quiet whisper.  Be available to hear the gift of awareness that is waiting for you there.

Check out this article for some more insights on this: How to stop the suffering


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Take care and I hope the summer progresses as beautifully as you desire,






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief