First, an update about Group Tapping on Monday  2/11

Because of the unpredictable forecast I will not be holding the group tapping session tomorrow. I plan on being there on  the following two Mondays, weather permitting.  You an always go to this link: Group Tapping event page  for updates to the schedule.


When it rains it pours?

We've had a bunch of things that needed to be fixed here in the last month.  The furnace quit, then there was flooding in the basement due to a broken water main.  Which precipitated a visit from an electrician to reground the electrical service.  So, all in all, a bit stressful. For over a week all the furniture in the basement was piled up and the carpeting pulled back  while we had various people in and out.  I learned a lot about my house. And  Thank Goodness for EFT.  The most stressful part was actually hiring the plumbers and electricians.  But through it all I just kept tapping and it allowed us to get through it all pretty calmly.  I say we, because even though my husband is not a tapper, my being calm certainly helps him to be so.  If you are in a relationship, community, family, church, or any other social group your anxiety or peace of mind affects everyone around you. 

They say a lot of things are 'catching.'  One of the ways that happens  is through  the 'mirror' neurons in our brains.  There is a lot to know about mirror neurons, but here is a tiny bit of an article in the publication Scientific American:

Mirror neurons are the only brain cells we know of that seem specialized to code the actions of other people and also our own actions. They are obviously essential brain cells for social interactions. Without them, we would likely be blind to the actions, intentions and emotions of other people. (full article here)

These brain cells allow us to be interactive social animals, to see what our comrades are feeling and look around to see if we should feel that way too. Is my fellow forager frightened?  Maybe I should look for danger too.  But we can turn this evolutionary trait to our advantage. 

When we have a tool like tapping, we can continuously reset our nervous systems to calmer states.  This helps us, and our health. And it's the best thing you can do for those around you. When you're calm and what we call 'resourced,' you become a calming resource for those around you.  If your friends are calmer, they become a resource for you when you need it.  It's the best version of the circle of life! 

And for my money, all this tapping and self improvement is the journey we take to loving ourselves, as we love our neighbor.  The goal is a world of love and it starts where all journeys begin: with ourselves.




I'm going to have a look at the Community Room calendar to see if there is another time that would work for the group tapping.  If you have any thoughts please drop me note.





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Stay warm and be safe out there!



Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief