Dear Penny


What seeds are you planting right now?

 I'm part of a gardening duo, and my hubby is the seed starter in the family.  Like many couples we 'argue' over when is  the right time to start seeds. I praise him when his seeds that I think were planted way too early thrive, and I  'see, I told you so' when the ones I thought he planted too early don't make it.
Very judgy, I know.  But mostly I'm very grateful he has something he loves to do  that benefits me so much. He contributes so much nourishment and beauty to our lives, that I must remember to forgive him his failed experiments.

Already our peas are quite robust and I look forward to the first ones off the plants!

Where does your creativity express itself?

I was thinking about creativity the other day, in the context of my upcoming course, The Habits Of Happiness.  And it seemed to be a much bigger thing than artistic endeavours.  I certainly had mostly thought about creativity in terms of creating art which so many of my friends and I do.  But our creativity is in almost constant use.

Like this newsletter!   Or, solving a parenting problem, an issue at work like customer relations, bringing a project in on time, finding resources for a client in need,  creating a meal, juggling work and home life, or even  getting around a traffic jam! You can even use your creativity to create a new point of view to something that is bothering you! (see my comments above as an example.)

Life is constant change and forces us to constantly renew our responses to it.  Sometimes (most times,I think) we resist that change.  It's hard to do things differently.  We might grumble and kvetch until we are forced to adapt.  Then our creativity kicks in and with the determination to figure out the new thing we might even begin to enjoy the process!  (unless it's computers, then all bets are off!)

When we are happier, we can speed up the parts of this process. Maybe we can foresee the change coming down the pike, and have time to adjust. But if we're taken off guard we can use our happier 'set point' to reset our ourselves more quickly and adapt. 

It's about brain function of course.  When we are angry, sad, or overly stuck in or attached to a routine that we don't want to change (guilty), we have less blood going to our pre-frontal cortex where creativity and innovation live.  And our hormone profile plunges down to the basement of depleting emotions sapping our energy.

Practicing the Habits of Happiness doesn't mean we're never going to visit the basement again.  But!  It does mean that when we do, we have built  a high speed elevator back to the top floors instead of having to climb 40 flights of stairs again!

The Habits are not hard to incorporate into your life.  You may well be doing some of them quite instinctively, with out realizing what they are, and how to boost their effectiveness.

I know now is not a great time to take on a course.  But, truthfully that's almost every time isn't it?  Life is busy.  You really have to decide to carve out some time  to do something new.  I get it. 

The course is designed in modules with short lessons that you can incorporate into your life in a few minutes a day.  And you'll have access to the material for as long as you want.  And we'll have some personal face to face time in two  group sessions, where you can ask questions and get feedback.

And since this is the launch of this program, the pay-what-you can-option  is activated so  you can afford it. 

There's no better time than now to do this. 

Will you join me?
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Take care,

P.S. and  really - leave the stairs for your physical conditioning ;)


Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief