So, here we are.

With the news coming in about the Supreme court decisions rolling back so many human rights, and promoting so many "Christian" privileges, I guess you are having some pretty big feelings.  Me too.

How do we keep ourselves on an even keel, let alone be happy with all that is going on?  I admit, it's a lot to process.

Here's a few thoughts that might help.

  • first, let yourself feel the feelings.  I know they are uncomfortable, and unfavourable to peace of mind.  But it's important to acknowledge the feelings and stay present with them.  Staying present means you are IN your body not flitting energetically around and outside it.  We know that people who have PTSD can actually not see their surroundings, instead getting so lost emotionally and even visually into the memory that they perceive themselves to be somewhere else.  When we have so many big emotions to deal with we can do a lesser version of this.  Since the strong unpleasant  emotions are felt in the body, we may focus our attention elsewhere. 
    • This has a two fold negative effect on us.  If we're not in the body we're in the mind, which is a field of energy surrounding the body (really), and the mind is by nature a fearful place.  So our fears are magnified in this echo chamber feeding on themselves, growing stronger and more all consuming.
    • And, if we're not in our body to feel the feelings, to be present and hold the space for them, they cannot be fully processed, and may become stuck or stored in the body. Big emotions and overwhelm can only be processed at a lesser level of intensity.  So, EFT can help lower the intensity, or HeartMath tools, even prayer.  Strong emotions + loving presence = emotional processing.  And that leads to emotional freedom.


  • Start with  'triage tapping.'  I'm always saying that EFT needs a very specific target to be most effective.  But when issues are huge, sometimes it's hard to narrow the focus down to a specific feeling, let alone an event that may have laid the groundwork for this reaction.  It is perfectly appropriate to have strong feelings about what is going on in our country right now.  But the foundation of my outrage and yours may be very different. Just tapping in the presence of strong emotions without using any words is effective at reducing distress.  And that's all you really have to do.  If you want to go a bit deeper so these strong emotions won't come up as intensely or often, start with the current truth, "I'm feeling so much anger right now, and the tension in my gut is a 10."  As your emotions calm down and you release some stress, some other thoughts and feelings will bubble up to the surface. See if specific memories come up and tap on them.  You can work with the sensation in the body itself (my favorite way of working.)  "This ball of dark angry iron feels like a bowling ball in my stomach,"  has rich imagery that has meaning to your subconscious.  Tap on the attributes of the sensations, and they will change, which means the stuck emotions that are producing this image/sensation are changing and releasing as well.


  • Try a few tapping sessions with a trained professional.  These big sweeping social events can be overwhelming to pick apart and gain some emotional relief from.  I think partly because our outrage seems so appropriate.  And it is, but... we can't live in outrage for long before it drains our life force, makes us less healthy, and actually makes us less likely to be able to stand up and make a positive  change. Change through rage and anger sometimes works, but at a steep price both to society and the individual.


UPCOMING EVENT!  Coming up on July 16 join me for the first ever 'Habits of Happiness' workshop!

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Join me for some:

  • tapping for stress relief, 
  • some embodying exercises (so you can find your body and know when you are in it)
  • and learn how to draw on the happiness resources you already have in your body (another good reason to get good at feeling your body.  And if feeling your body more seems scary, don't worry I can show you how to do it safely.)

This will be a workshop where you will be encouraged to actively participate.  Happiness is not a mental construct.  You have to 'do' the exercises to get the benefit.



I think the Habits of Happiness are more important than ever.

I think of happiness as an engine of change. It can change the individual's trajectory.  When you are happier you are healthier.  You have better relationships. You are less reactive and more proactive and creative. Even more charismatic.There are many many, people doing great work in the world.  Some are being drained by that work, and some are being energized by their contribution.  I think working on your happiness can inoculate you somewhat from the suffering in the world.. Instead of drawing and drawing from your own well and giving it away, you are continually replenishing your own life force.  You are not here to save the whole world. You are not here to bleed for the whole world. You are here  to do your part.  When we grieve for all the ones we can't help, it literally takes our own life away from us. When we focus on the good we've done we are nourished by the contributions we've made. (That's a happiness habit: shifting focus from the negative to the positive.  See how simple it can be?) Very few of us are here to walk the world stage.  Be YOU!  It's enough, it's actually everything.


You can participate in my campaign to make the world a better place by helping more people be happy in a few ways:

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See my most recent video about using tapping and the 5 stages of grief  to help resolve some of the big emotions around the roll back of women's rights.

Being Happy again in a Post Roe world


So, I hope you are finding your way to some peace in these very troubling times.  If I can be of any help, as always just reach out.


take care,



Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief