Greetings  and Happy Fall!

Well we've certainly jumped into Autumn with both feet!  Time to bring our Paprika peppers into the house to finish ripening. No lingering Indian Summer, with warm golden days and crisp leaves under foot this year!


Are you in a holding pattern, or are you holding patterns?

A holding pattern is a repeating movement that awaits some input to finally complete. But in massage and tapping what I'm usually working with are held, or stuck patterns of thought, feelings, or movement.

We are full of routinized patterns. The question is: are they patterns that please or stuck patterns that are just holdovers? Some of these habits are healthy and protective. Others are at best, not helping us, at worst, actively holding us back or causing pain.

When we get stuck in life, whether it's in our bodies or feelings, we often get stuck in a routine movement. The arm swing that won't quite rotate gracefully. That hitch in your 'git-along.' That situation that shouldn't make you mad, but does. Those actions you don't take for reasons that are not clear even to you.

One of the most direct ways through a stuck pattern is to just disrupt the pattern! Have you ever noticed your usual aches and pains, whether physical or emotional, go away on vacation? Partly it's because you've changed your patterns of movement. And probably your habitual feelings as well. New sights, new routines, new stimuli, elicit changes in your nervous system. But you don't have to wait for vacation to do this.

Open into your life with new physical motions. Engage the 'stuck' places with gentle and unusual movement. Add undulations and rotations to your stretches. Move like a kid, hum, skip a few steps. Take a class. Are your patterned emotional responses still valid or just old programming. Does that guy really still bug you? Is there room for more grace? Drive or walk new routes. Find what's ready to shift or be released. Stretch slow, breath deep. See the life around you with new eyes. Smile more.


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Are you ready to shake up some of those old stuck patterns that are holding you back?

I'm here to help, just whistle, send up a flare, give me jingle or drop me a line!


Take care my dears, and remember you are the Love, and everything else is just a temporary state of understanding. I'm blessed to have you in my life and to be of assistance to you in whatever way I can. 






Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief