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How are you doing?  As we enter yet another month of pandemic, and cultural growth as  the festering racial bigotry comes to the surface to be healed, we must find ways to soothe ourselves, and our nervous systems for the long haul. Tapping of course is great for this sort of triage, but I've also been taking a certification course from the HeartMath Institute and I'll be sharing much more about that in the near future. 

Our gardens are flourishing, but everything seems off.  The early things are hanging around late, and the late things have shown up early.  So, we're pretty confused.  I'm sure the plants know what their doing, though. Climate change seems to produce a different garden every year. 


Take your pick from these offerings:

  • I wrote one of my occasional blogs.  I wanted to tackle the issue of beliefs, specifically why racist beliefs and bigotry are so hard to combat with facts.  The short answer is we form our beliefs with our emotions far more than our intellect.  And we are devoted to our feelings.  Regardless of 'information', they just 'feel' right.  You can  watch my very short intro video here on my Facebook page Facebook intro to blog post  and read the article here: Believing What is Clearly Not True
  • In this video, I talk about how beliefs that are formed when we are little, or the experience of overwhelm, gets stored in our bodies.  Once there it can create the basis of many subconscious beliefs that hold us back like: I'm not good enough, I can never have that, there's not enough, our people don't do that, it's not safe to speak up, it's safer to not rock the boat, etc.  You can watch that video here: Are You Really Who You Think You Are?
  • And although you know I'm all about  EFT, there are other very cool things you can do for your health and wellness.  Have you ever tried Qigong?  Here is a short video, with some very gentle movements:Gentle Qigong routine 

Would you like to talk about how EFT can help you?

People are having many difficult adaptations to this pandemic and period of social change.  You may be fatigued, anxious, hungry, or short tempered.  You may feel heaviness in your body, a knot in your stomach or discomfort in your back.  Any physical discomfort that recurs or lasts for more than a few days likely has an emotional component to it.  Sleeping difficulties seem to be on the upswing.  These are uncertain times and our nervous systems in particular don't like uncertainty.  EFT can help you weather these storms, and the ones to come, with more ease, protecting your health now and in the future. Don't suffer when there is something you can do about it.  Tapping works!  Just email me at and I'll be in touch. Or, you can call me at 503-406-8512.  I'd love to help.

Have you practiced the Heart Focused Breathing Technique I shared in my last newsletter? 

Very useful  these days for managing stress in the moment. Here are the instructions again:

Heart Focused Breathing

Focus your attention in the area of the heart.  Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual.  Find an easy rhythm that's comfortable. Do this for a minute or so, and do it several times a day if possible.

Courses you can connect with

My course, Getting To The Dentist with Ease will help you do just that.  You can utilize the power of EFT to overcome fear of dentistry, manage discomfort and get your dental health back on track.  You can sample the course here, and buy the course from here as well: Getting To The Dentist With Ease - sample package

I am currently putting together my next course, about Fragrance Sensitivity,

Although not in it's final form, the materials are available right now if you'd like to start.  


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Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief