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Spring gardening is here!

I hope this finds you all well! Those of you who know me and have been to the house can tell we're avid gardeners.  We seem to have fallen into a pattern the last few years where Mike is more the vegetable gardener and takes care of the community garden and I take take care of the house gardens. It's always so  surprising how fast things grow once they really start taking off.  There's lots of flowers in the garden here, and Mike has been busy sprouting seeds for months now.  The Dahlia's are sprouting so it's full on garden season now.  We have a new plant to look forward to this year, Tower of Jewels.  Should be spectacular. (The picture below is an Arum  or Jack in the Pulpit


Stress or Trauma?

I've been delineating the components of trauma on my Facebook page, each of which is a big stressor in its own right.  For an event to produce trauma it usually contains all 4 of the following components:  it violates our expectations, is overwhelming, is isolating or the person feels isolated, and it can be perceived as life threatening (which can also mean the life of the ego).

I often make the case that much of childhood is traumatizing.  The bully on the schoolyard or  a parent suddenly changing their demeanor can certainly qualify.  Even beyond the obvious traumatizing encounters that make the news and are felonious, children have fewer, if any, coping mechanisms that allow them to process stressful events.  Unprocessed stress builds up in the nervous system.  It doesn't just go away.  You don't "just get over it"   It sits in your energy system, taking up resources until there is enough time, energy or safety to process it.  That could take days, weeks, years, or decades.

Today's post reads:

In terms of trauma, an event that is 'perceived as life threatening' is one of the four components that comprise the definition of trauma. This can happen to children more often, I feel, than people may think. If a normally calm parent is suddenly angry,or sad, this can present a perceived threat to the child because of its 'different-ness.' Remember - the brain is always looking for that 'something different' that could spell trouble. And depending on the situation, and the temperament of the child, a parent acting differently could be perceived as a real threat.


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One of our master EFT teachers, Dr. Craig Weiner interviewed  Dr. Gabor Mate on the mind body connection to healing pain, you can check it out here:

Freedom From Your Painful Past 




Starting a new business takes a lot of groundwork.  I've been building a foundation for a while now and I'm getting more opportunities to speak with folks about Stress Relief with EFT.  Are you interested in knowing more about how EFT could help you or someone you love? Let's have a tapping party! A  casual and experiential get together with some of your friends is a great way to get introduced to EFT. And when your friends know how to tap too you can form tapping groups and help each other tap through issues.  It's the best kind of buddy system! 


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