Greetings Penny


Just a quick note.  I haven't forgotten you!  We've been busy, busy, busy watering the garden!  What have you been up to this summer?  I've been talking more time off to really enjoy the garden and get caught up (or just start!)  some big projects and it feels good to have at least started. 


But I have been doing some stuff....

I've been playing around with making more videos, here's a link to my latest: Clearing the Subconscious Clutter


My next project

I'm developing a program to help people deal with the stress and anxiety that dentists and dental work causes,  that prevents them from going to the dentist.  Dental health  is vital to your over all health  (gum health and heart health are directly related.)  And being uncomfortable with your smile has a major impact on your whole life.  People like to see you smile and smiling actually tells your brain to make you happier! 

I'll be sending out a survey soon, and if you have an stress around this issue I'd really appreciate your feedback to help me craft a great program to help lots of people get past their dental anxiety and stress.

Off to play in the garden some more!



Take care,

















Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief