I hope this finds you well!   We've taken on some big projects in the garden this year.  Bamboo abatement is next on the agenda.  I'm excited to report that I've acquired a saws-all and have found it very  useful.  Indeed now the bamboo project seems  actually do-able!

My lovely husband has been busy planting seeds so we have lots of flowers in the yard to show for it. Everything seems so early!  We have Dahlia's already!  It's a lovely time in the garden. How does your garden grow? Are you cultivating in the dirt as well as in your mind and spirit?


From my massage newsletter.

As time goes by,  my practice  of massage and EFT overlap more and more.  I suppose this make sense as my practice of EFT was born out of seeing how people needed a better tool for deeper and more permanent transformation that just massage. Here is an excerpt from my recent  'Arising in Health'  newsletter:

Are you speaking kindly to your body?

When your body hurts do you think un-gentle thoughts towards it? Perhaps even angry, frustrated, or out right hostile thoughts? You might want to re-think that habit. It's just a reflex, it doesn't mean anything, right? Well, no. Thoughts are pathways in the brain and instructions to the body. The more often you have a thought the bigger the pathway devoted to it in the brain gets. Especially ones with a lot of emotion behind it. Additionally, your thoughts are not neutral. They are instructions to the body. So, let's say you're going up a flight of stairs and your knee hurts. With every step you take and think "#%^&* knee" you are creating a bigger neural network devoted to FEELING the pain. The pain may not be getting worse but your brain will tell you it is because the pathways for feeling it are getting bigger. You become hyper aware, and then think it's getting worse, which causes more thoughts about how bad your knee is, and your body listens to your brain and can make the knee worse to follow your instructions. Yikes, why weren't we told that this is

how it works!!!

So let's change that!
It's pretty easy. Just stop it. OK, that was a joke, but really it's not hard. It is a choice though. Sure, the pain is there but when you're going up that flight of stairs instead of cursing out your knee give it some love. It's been working really hard for you for how many years? Give it a bit of praise. Or, affirm what you'd like to be true: that it's getting stronger, that this is a temporary situation. Or, focus on an area in your body that does not hurt. So even if there is some pain, focus somewhere else, think "my right knee feels great." Watch your thoughts, they mean things and shape your life and energy. Always, always - pick the best ones; that move you in the direction of what you'd like to be feeling and experiencing. All the time. Stay tuned to the Facebook , I'll be posting soon about why it takes so much energy to "change your mind."



Do you know Mike Dooley and his Notes from the Universe,  or the TUT Notes, short for The Universe Talks?  I don't know if they're everybody's cup of tea, but you can subscribe and see if you like em.  If not,  well you know how to make things stop, right?  You tap on them!  Ha, yes, but also you unsubscribe.

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Have you been having great results with EFT tapping and are moved to share it with others?   Me too!  Do you know folks who might be suffering who could use an introduction to EFT to feel better?   Or a support group that is open to a guest speaker?  I'm available for house parties or PTA meetings.  Let's spread the word.  Every tapper is  someone who is spreading more peace and ease throughout the world.  And boy, do we need that!  Let's do it together! 




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