The Power of Your Intention

I came up with this idea as I sat down to write.  Based in part on a course I'm taking right now called Intention Energy Process, or intention tapping.  But as I always do when I sit down to write, I google the idea and see what comes up.  Well, the Power of Intention  turns out, is a book by Wayne Dyer!  Now, if I strayed off into that we'd be getting into physics, subatomic particles, the nature of consciousness, and how matter arises from the field of energy that is the source of all.  (a short video of this if you're interested)     and a longer one if you like this topic

A bit more than I intended for this newsletter!

It may be a big mind bending topic, but the upshot is this: you can set your intentions for what you want.

And of course the first response to that is, then why don't I have all things I've been striving for and the feelings I want?                                                                                     Two reasons: your conscious and your sub-conscious.


We operate on many many levels. But for the purposes of this discussion, let's talk about these two.  We set our intentions, or goals, based on what we THINK we want and need.  We get in the car and set our GPS and start in that direction.  We have a map and a clear destination.  We have a plan to deal with contingencies. But what we don't realize is we're actually sitting in the passenger seat!

Our subconscious decides where the car is actually going.  I may want to play big in the world and make my mark!  But if my subconscious doesn't know how to keep me safe being hugely visible, I'm likely not to attract those big opportunities, or see them right in front of me.  Or, just be too tired to capitalize on opportunities. 

We have to bring our conscious desires and our subconscious programming into alignment.  The conscious mind is never going to win an argument with the subconscious. The processing power of the subconscious is like an elephant compared to a mouse.

And your mind, everyone's mind, thinks it's Mighty Mouse! Which is why we end up thinking that if we could just manage our thoughts everything would work out.


Thoughts are not enough.  You have to spend some time everyday aligning your 'feelings' with your thoughts.  If you want to be happier you can think all the happy thoughts you want, but if you are wracked with anxiety, you will never get to your goals. The feelings will almost always win.


Enter the miracle of EFT. 

EFT gets to the roots of your feelings and pre-programmed beliefs and up-grades them.  You start to bring the awesome power of your subconscious online to support your conscious goals.

And then you have to develop some habits!

I've been editing my Habits of Happiness course

and it will soon be available on demand!  You will be able to start anytime you want.  EFT releases the bonds that have held you back.  The Habits of Happiness will give you some muscle to take flight.


And it all starts with an intention to be happier, healthier, manage stress and release what has been in the way of living life the way you want.


So, what DO you want? ;)


Contact me anytime with questions about Tapping, at

I'm open for teaching you and your friends how to tap, speaking and workshops!  Anxiety is rampant right now, and everyone is struggling in some way to cope.  I'd love to help!

Let's hope we dry out soon  (or if you don't have enough rain where you are, we'll try to send some your way!)





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