What's Your Risk?

Depending on where you live the new Corona virus may be affecting your daily life in a big way, or is still only a potential threat.  And while it is a novel virus that no one has been exposed to before, for the majority of people who do get sick, it is mild. 

Just like many other viruses.  So what makes one person more susceptible to the worst the virus can dish out, while others don't contract it it all, or suffer mild symptoms?

Immune strength.  Immunity is of course a complex topic.  The straight up science would suggest that almost everyone who comes into contact with a novel virus would get sick because the immune system hasn't a "blue print" to create antigens specific to this virus and it's by products.

But we know that's not the whole story, because some people who are exposed don't get sick, perhaps because there is an energetic component that 'straight' science doesn't have a test for, or can measure.


What do you believe about your risk?

What you believe, not what you think, can determine your risk.  There are folks who say:

"I get a cold or the flu, every year."  And so, they do. 

"I never get sick"  and so, they do not.

But what came first,  the belief or the experience?  Your brain is always listening and will act to follow your instructions.  You get a cold every year?  Then your body may lower your immune response to make sure that comes true. You never get sick?  Your body marshals your resources to keep you well.


I know, I know.  It's completely backwards to how we think things work.  And. that would mean you have far more control over your health than maybe you thought possible.

The DNA in your body is not active until acted upon by an energy source.  And beliefs are a powerful source of that energy.  This is the source of the effectiveness of the placebo effect.  If you believe it, it can be so.

How do you change your beliefs to boost your immunity?

You find the limiting beliefs.  What do you believe is true? 


  • That vaccines are dangerous?
  • That anyone who is exposed will get sick? 
  • That you've gotten sick in the past, so you are vulnerable? 
  • You have other risk factors and are afraid of contracting the virus and getting sick or worse?
  • That your natural immunity is so strong that nothing can get you? 


You base your beliefs on many things, and some of those beliefs are more helpful than others.

Write down what you are feeling about this virus outbreak.  What are your fears.  Or even your annoyances, like hearing about it all the time.  Even seeing it again in this newsletter could be reinforcing the fear aspect of hearing about it so much.  It's part of how the brain works  So, sorry about that.

Once you've identified your feelings, and where you feel them in your body, rate their intensity and start tapping.  Follow the tapping where ever it takes you.  By releasing the anger, frustration, concern, or powerlessness about  this happening you'll have  more energy devoted to well being and less energy devoted to fight/flight/freeze; thereby increasing your wellness and boosting immunity.


I made a quick video the other day, the link is below if you'd like to watch it.  If you do, it would be so helpful if you left a comment.

Tapping to Boost Immunity? You Betcha!


And if the news is getting you down, just stop watching for awhile.  When you get too much or constant information coming in about one particular subject , your brain tends to inflate it's dangerousness. 


If I can be of help in any way, whether it's to tap about fears around your health, your kids, taking exams, or whatever is stressing you out,  Just give me a jingle


keep tapping, it works!


Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief