Dear Penny

I love this time of year!

The garden chores are slowing down a bit, although there is still much to do to gather the last of the produce, process it, and get the garden settled for it's rest and restoration.  

Although winter is the time for our deep restoration and renewal, we can't leave it for just one season.  And the busier we are, the more we need down time to recharge our batteries!

And old episode of the original Star Trek find the crew of the Enterprise on an 'amusement park' planet.  Whatever they think of is instantly manifested for their pleasure, or in this case their horror!  But the caretakers at the end rescue them of course and explain to a bewildered Captain Kirk that "the more complex the mind, the more the need for play."

In our world there is a near constant barrage of sound.  Too many of us start the day, literally first thing out of bed, with devices in hand.  I'd say these devices are creating a compulsion.  Even an addiction! (smart phone addiction)

We are using our minds from opening our eyes to falling into bed at night.  But just as we need to recharge the batteries on our devices, our personal batteries need to be restored as well.  And if we don't take that time, we will get more and more fatigued.  This short video lays it out beautifully: Why we need to recharge


Tapping for empathy overload and fatigue

The economy, the war (pick one), and climate change are all big draining issues.  But in our face, everyday, is the homeless crisis.  When a crisis goes on for 15 years, it's not a crisis anymore.  It's the social equivalent of PTSD.  We keep going over the same ground, over and over.  Solutions are proposed but politicians of the other party won't allocate the money, so nothing gets done.  Other proven solutions are proposed, but the housed exert their fear and bigotry, their NIMBY-ism, and nothing gets done.  And we watch and wait, watch and wait, for something to get better.  For our homeless neighbors to be lifted up, for government to get out of the way if they they are not going to act.   And still we watch and wait.  And inevitably some people fall into the trap of blaming the homeless themselves, because as someone on Next Door said, "they've just been hanging around using up our sympathy."

Someone once said, "Hearts are not broken, expectations are."  And I think that is so true. We expect our various levels of government to be able to address these problems.  But what we have is politicians who are trying to keep the other politicians from being successful and thus gaining support.   But beyond our ability as an individual to act, to help the situation, how do we not drown in our grief and frustration that this is still happening?

How do we find joy and happiness in the face of so many ongoing crises?


Tapping works.

There could be many words you could use to describe you feelings about this very complex issue. Or any issue that is threatening to overwhelm you.  You may have experienced houselessness.  You may have a camp near you.  You may be upset that the infrastructure of the city and the parks is being degraded. If you have family in Ukraine, you may not have any extra empathy for homeless Americans.  The world is worried about nuclear war, so we're all on overload.

My advice is to just tap.  If you are watching TV, just tap through the points.  Without any words in particular. If a feeling comes up, you can focus on that. You can set your subconscious to working on the problem by saying something like, "I"d like this tapping to clear my fatigue about this homeless issue,"  and then just tap.  And I mean keep tapping, 15, 30 even 60 minutes.  Bring your thoughts back to the issue periodically, and just keep tapping.

September found me having no mental energy at all.  I was physically less energetic as usual as well.  So I started a program of tapping an hour a day. Usually a couple of 30 minute sessions.  Watching Jeopardy! or some other TV show.  I would start my day with some tapping and tap off and on all through the day.  And in just a few days, I felt much better.  Although tapping has a definite protocol, it is a very forgiving and malleable technique.

Just do it! 

There are other time proven techniques as well, and this short video covers them nicely: If you are drained, watch this

If you're ready to tackle your fatigue, angst, troubling thoughts and recurring emotions with EFT, I'd love to help.  First thing would be to schedule a short conversation to see if we're compatible and if EFT is what you need.  NO arm twisting or hard sell, I promise!  And if another phone conversation sounds exhausting, just email me and we can connect that way.

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Happy Fall! Enjoy the yummy-ness




Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief