We all have them.  And it's a good thing too.  Can you imagine having to figure out how to wash a dish, brush your teeth, put on your pants, talk politely, each and every time you had to do those activities.  (Some of you may be able to if you've had a brain injury.)  In the broad scheme of things we have learned what we need to know so well and so long ago that we no longer know that we 'know.'  It's just automatic.  We don't have to think about it, our bodies just do what needs to be done to carry out our will.

But some of that 'knowing' may not be so helpful.  And it is just as unconscious as tying your shoe laces. But these are learned behaviors and beliefs, like 'It's not a safe world,' 'I'm not strong enough.' 'I'll never be good enough,' 'I can't have that,' 'no one in our family goes to college,' 'our people don't believe that,' or 'that might work for others, but not for me,' 'I'll never get over this pain."



There are real life consequences to these hidden or subconscious beliefs.  They  become the patterns that subtly, but completely, shape our lives.  If you are programmed to believe that to have material goods makes you greedy and bad, how likely are to you acquire them? You may consciously desire to be comfortable and have nice things, but if that means you have to be greedy and bad to do so, you are in an unwinnable inner conflict.

The subconscious always wins.  Because the subconscious is so massive in size and power compared to the conscious, you can't out think it.  But change is possible with tapping, and practice.

Awareness and Change

One of the most illuminating exercises you can do with tapping is to just state something you believe or would like.  For example,  try saying the statement, "I deserve to have everything good that I want."  Now, just feel how true that statement feels in you body.  Did your heart soar and say "YES, I DO!"  Or did you feel something like a lump in your stomach, a weight on your heart, or a constriction in your throat?   Something that said to you, "I don't completely  believe that."?

Body sensations are how the subconscious communicates to us. It does not have words to say, "I still harbor some shame from when we were two and got yelled at for breaking mom's cup." So, instead you have this lingering pain in your hip, that just won't go away no matter what you do.


Changing the Script

As an exercise, try writing down some  beliefs you have about who you think you are and what you want. Say each one out loud and feel what your body feels. If your body doesn't tell you that it's 100% behind this thought, there is some inner conflict that may be holding you back from what you desire to achieve or be. Are you trying to heal some hurt in your body?  Try this statement, "I'll never get better."  How true does that feel to you?  100% true, partly true, or completely false?  If it's even a bit true, those subconscious beliefs can hinder or halt your progress.

Tapping is one solution to this dilemma. It's one of the quickest and safest ways to discover and change this hidden programming so you can feel better and achieve your goals.

We all have patterns in our thoughts, movements, and reactions.  Want to make some changes? Try on a new thought.  Move in novel ways.  Question your reactions to life events.  Does something make you angry?  Is there another way to respond or feel about it?  Go left instead of right and see what new sights you might see. By creating novelty daily your brain will be stimulated to create new neural pathways  and this is great for keeping your brain healthy, and creating more choices for you in life.

Tapping while you do any of this reinforces the positive changes and works with the subconscious to release any blocks as well.


Please contact me if you would like to explore this some more. Or, forward this to a friend who might need some help.  That would be a lovely thing to do for your friend and I would appreciate it too!


may you be blessed with health and peace,




Penny Hill
Penny Hill, EFT Tapping for Stress Relief