Getting To The Dentist With Ease


Wouldn't That Be a Relief?


Just getting to the dentist...

For many, many people it's hard, very hard, or nearly impossible

It may take weeks of anxiety just to make the appointment

There may be days of anxiousness and stress leading up to the appointment


You may struggle with...                             

fear of pain

feeling trapped

difficulty sitting in the chair

shame that this is so hard for you

embarrassment that you haven't overcome it

memories of past bad dental experiences


You don't have to struggle any more, and

you can get to the dentist with ease.

You are not alone.  Along with about 75% of the population who experience some kind of dental stress, I too have worked through my own issues and now I can get to the dentist easily.  Without days or even weeks of emotional struggle, angst and anger.



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Getting to the Dentist can be crucial to our physical health.

Good dental health is a team effort. The dentist and hygienist are key players on this team. But so are you! Professional care and self care work together to create the best oral health you can achieve. Good oral health can also eliminate one of the causes of heart disease! So, it's not just about the mouth and the teeth.

When you meet someone, the first place they look is your teeth.             

I'd love to say people look you in the eyes, but really it's our teeth. It's biological programming I think. We assess people's smile to judge health; we smile to welcome and put others at ease (at least in many cultures) If you are embarrassed about your teeth because of years of neglect you don't open your magnetic smile and unleash the power of your presence. People notice that. Rightly or not, an unsmiling face puts people off. And you only have a few seconds to make that first impression.

If you could have 'thought' your way out of this problem, you would have done it by now.

Few people like going to the dentist. Most just "grit their teeth" and get it over with. But that's not you or me. For us it's unbearable. We put it off. The idea causes so much stress we put it off. And off and off.


we can't get to the dentist because:

  • We can't make the call
  • we don't want to be scolded
  • we anticipate pain and discomfort
  • we're sure there's going to be expensive and painful procedures
  • can't stand getting shots

and the list goes on and on. It's an endless hamster wheel of stress.  

Fear of the dentist causes many of the problems that we fear!

Let's stop that.



What you'll find in this course and how it will help you

This course primarily teaches a technique called EFT. EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an emerging somatic/cognitive  energy protocol that is proving to be amazingly effective, easy to learn, and easy to use anywhere, anytime.

EFT helps you to retrain your brain. Right now when you think of the dentist you have a programmed response. Whether that is fear and loathing or something a little more manageable, the thought and the feeling go together. You might never have thought of them as two separate things since they always go together.



With EFT or tapping, we are going to:

  • identify your specific issues and triggers                                                       
  • create a calm state of mind and body
  • release the stuck stress that is causing the problems, and
  • create a new response to the thought of going to the dentist


Just like that?

Yes. It's not going to happen like magic. And for most, not overnight. Wouldn't that be nice! But if you do the exercises, and follow the protocol, you will see steady progress towards your goal. EFT is well known for creating big changes quickly, but everyone's results will depend on their own effort, willingness to do the work, and where they are starting from. But, I believe that with EFT change is inevitable. And of course, this course comes with additional help from me if needed.

If you've gotten this far, I must surmise you are really looking for a solution. Whether your dental stress is large or small, EFT can accommodate you.

In addition to EFT, you'll learn techniques

  • to shift your biology from stressed to relaxed - in moments
  • identify stress before it overwhelms you
  • learn how to handle overwhelm if it does overtake you
  • and how to use EFT in public so no one knows you're doing it

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The information in this course will benefit you in the rest of your life as well. You can use EFT to deal with work stress, family stress, health recovery, performance improvement, public speaking. I'll explain more in the course why this is true. But the simple answer is we are emotional beings and EFT helps us release stuck energy and get our good flow back.

When we're in the flow, everything works better. With EFT this is a completely attainable goal.

So you can get to the dentist with ease and get more ease into the rest of your life.


While EFT is generally safe and effective please visit the disclaimer page on my website at