Free EFT Tapping Group at the Kennedy School (copy)

Having Less Stress Is Literally at Your Finger Tips Now!

Want to feel less stress?   Who doesn't?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  EFT combines  two elements: tapping on certain acupuncture points and bringing to mind something that is troubling you. This seemingly simple combination can bring about amazing  releases of stored stress that is negatively affecting your health, well being and life success.


Join me for free tapping groups Mondays  at the Kennedy School Community Room  to learn the techniques of EFT,


  • Identify and release your stress. 
  • Learn how to use tapping  to create more calm, health and ease,
  • learn techniques for moving from stressed to calm in moments, so you can...
  • Create better health.



your host, Penny HillBring your curiosity. Bring a friend.  Bring your stress, and let's get rid of it. 

It may be easier than you imagine.

                     November  dates are the 4th and  18th.

                                       See you there!

                                                       (1st and 3rd Mondays )

                        MONDAYS  at 10 AM in the                   

                                                             Community Room at:               

                                                                                  McMenamins Kennedy School  

                                                       5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland                                                                                                                                    



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