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The Science of Tapping

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A collection of free webinars relating to Trauma and tapping

Tapping Out of Trauma webinars


Can we really call it 'Evidence Based'?

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More about EFT studies and PTSD

Dr. Peta Stapleton


Evaluating the Evidence

a rather technical talk about research results and how EFT works

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Comprehensive Research Analysis Shows EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Highly Effective for PTSD

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The 10 Day Trauma Window; New Research Demonstrates Long Term Effects of Acute Stress:

This information offers hope and insight into the possibility of trauma resolution if offered within 10 days.  When we use EFT we are calming the amygdala.

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This is an authoritative list of research about EFT, cross referenced for ease of searching by topic of interest:



Research Shows Change in Gene Expression After One Session

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Adverse Childhood Experiences Change the Developing Brain

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So what do all these Tapping points Mean?



More about the meridian points we use:



EFT Alleviates  Stress in High School Exam Takers



Kids and Tapping in Schools



Enhancing athletic performance



For you brain geeks: the neurobiology of trauma and tapping, plus tapping through election trauma!



More on tapping and trauma resolution

these are canted towards a tapping experienced audience



Because Kids (and other people) are stressed about math



controlled trial to evaluate Emotional Freedom Techniques for self-reported cancer-related cognitive impairment



2021 Research updates on EFT