Coaching Packages

You have several options for  getting the right tapping program for you:


The Foundation Session

New to tapping?  Not sure what it is? You know you have stress and you could sure use help with that. This session starts you on the road to using one of the best self care tools available. This session gets you going in the right way and sets you up for immediate  success.


 The Best Beginning

Want to start out strong?  This bundle starts with the Foundation Session and includes two more sessions,  so you start to develop your proficiency with the techniques and go even deeper in clearing out stress and getting back some joy.


The Basics

For previous clients or experienced tappers who need short term help to work on a specific issue.  Sometimes you just need another set of eyes and ears on the problem to clear the fog.  Over 3 hours of direct  tapping session time with me. 


The Groundwork 

This package lays a solid foundation for change and identifies and clears at least three major blocks that are keeping you from the life and comfort you desire. A great deal of our unprocessed emotions show up as physical discomfort. Any physical interventions will provide  temporary results  until we 'get to the root'.  We'll begin the journey to reversing course and developing habits that will support the new more comfortable mind/body you desire. AND, set a course you can follow after our work together. Over 10 hours of direct tapping sessions with me 


Getting to the Roots

This is the package for you if you know you have complex issues. This gives us the time to truly address many of the aspects of each of the issues that may be holding your discomfort and struggles in place.  A great deal of emotional distress shows up as physical distress and health issues. And there can be many levels to address to clear these away so you can finally get the relief that you are looking for. This package is over 20 hours of direct tapping sessions with me.  Sometimes you need an experienced guide to get you safely through the thornier parts of the trail, and on to greener pastures.


All session packages include:

  •  safe and supportive process to release stuck energies
  • a compassionate witness to guide you through the tough places
  • a pre-session form to gather your thoughts and issues so we can start the session strong
  • a post session recap and recording of your session
  • a client log where you can record your thoughts, your "Ah Ha's" and ask me questions between sessions
  • email help from me any time you need it: to clarify, explain, or get you over a bump in the path
  • guidance on how to employ the techniques at home to deepen your tapping and develop the daily habits that will accelerate your         progress
  • additional tips, strategies and tools to help make your progress permanent and more comprehensive
  • a partner to encourage you, who believes in you wholeheartedly
  • and more


If we haven't talked yet the next step is to click here to schedule  your free 'Less Hurt and More Happy' Discovery session. We'll talk about your goals, what's in your way and why tapping works for so many issues.  You don't have to believe in EFT for it work.  You just have to try it.  Or call me to set up a time that works for you. I think everyone should know how to tap, and I'd love to help you on your journey to more calm, health and ease.


For pricing and more info, of if you are ready to buy,  Go the Products page and pick your package.