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Meet Your Guide...


I'm so glad you are here! 


Hi there, I'm Penny Hill. I've practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice in Portland, OR. since 1990. My mission has always been to alleviate as much pain as possible. Some pain is natural. Some pain is useful. But I saw many of my clients suffering in ways I knew intuitively were not necessary. The human body (and mind) are quite pliable, but over the years I saw that sometimes healing did not happen. People got stuck. As skilled as I am, I did not have the right tools to get to the source of the pain and relieve it.


What I was discovering was that as much as 30-70% of the pain that we experience in our bodies is actually sourced in our subconscious and unprocessed emotions. Experience has shaped how we think about our lives. And our thoughts actually shape our bodies!

The body has a limited number of ways of signaling us. Am I anxious or excited? They feel much the same, don't they? How about hungry or bored? A little less clear, maybe. Back pain or hidden anger? Starts to get tricky. But when we get to the underlying (often hidden) beliefs that have shaped us, we unlock a life with less physical and emotional pain. We embark on a life of freedom and joy.

I started tapping with EFT many years ago. It produced such dramatic changes for me that I knew I had to spread the word about this amazing process. I've also done extensive reading and practicing with energy techniques that are quick solutions to low energy. I bring to the table many other tools that I have used to counsel and coach my massage clients with over the years.

There are exciting developments in the fields of epigenetics.  The knowledge that the mind and body are one is meeting the science of how energy effects the expression of genes.That understanding gives us the tools we've been looking for to directly affect our health, our experience of pain and possibly change the course of illness, and our life. 


I hope you'll join me in some way along this journey!


You can interact with me in the following ways:

through my website at:

phone: 503.406.8512



Many Blessings Of Health and Peace.







Katrina's story:

"Penny is an amazing EFT Practitioner. She can take something that is bothering me and help me release those stuck emotions from my body.

She knows what questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter. She knows the science, and spirit of EFT, and is skilled in using EFT to tackle my difficult memories and trauma. It is not as stressful, difficult or exhausting as I feared it might be. Releasing these issues, and putting them to rest, I have more energy to work on other life challenges.

My sessions with Penny have been very valuable, and I highly recommend her and EFT.  Just the free consultation alone was so valuable to me, I recommended it to friends!"  ---Katrina D., EFT Practitioner

"I was surprised how much value I got from our session and I believe in recognizing people who do excellent work. I was delighted with the results from EFT with Penny. I had struggled with some personal goals. We identified and worked through emotional issues and events that I'd forgotten. I was surprised how good it felt. My positive energy and confidence increased dramatically.  I was impressed by Penny's knowledge and skill. The whole experience was great."--Bryan J., web designer

“After just one session with Penny I entered the situation with so much more

confidence. I stood up for myself in a new way. And I wasn't overwhelmed like

I might have been usually. I used what Penny taught me to manage my stress in the

moment and the outcome was so much better than it would have been otherwise.” -

Maria Johnson